Secret Universe Inside Our Cells

This is a fascinating documentary that talks about our cells and the secret universe that exists within it. Watch and be amazed at the intricate machinery that is our human cell.

Thank You Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant – He was such an inspiration. A lot of what he shared and did can apply to how we look at life and work and business.

Jon Norton Shares the Asea Genesis Story

Jon shares a rare insider’s perspective into ASEA’s genesis. He talks about how profound the technology is and if it wasn’t for inspired intervention and a string of coincidences, ASEA may not have been available for the betterment of mankind. You will learn why Verdis turned down a massive offer to make certain it was available for humanity… Jon quotes … Read More

Our Cells As Machines

Watch this illuminating explanation by Dr. Gary Samuelson on how our cells are like machines and what they need to work efficiently and proficiently. You will gain a better understanding into redox signaling molecules and also how Asea Via series of whole food nutrition products fit into this equation.

Rachael Clark Shares About Renu 28

Listen as Rachael shares about her use of Renu 28 and how that has transformed her use of her hands. Being a person of science, she was personally astonished by how fast Renu 28 gel was able to help her hands. She was otherwise unable to work.

Asea Via Source Biome and Lifemax

Asea Via Series – Cutting Edge Common Sense nutrionals. Watch this ten minutes overview on Asea’s latest Via series of nutritionals designed to work synergistically with redox signaling molecules technology.