Asea is Salt Water, Really? Common Sense Required Here

So you googled and saw that Asea is just salt water. Really? Watch this short little video and let common sense prevail here. If you took the time to google and research, let this be at least the last stop before you conclude your research into this. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones that much.

Cell Dividing Condition

Karen Murphy talked about her husband’s rather nasty cell dividing condition in the head and how Redox signalling molecules and gel helped in his entire journey.

Asea Genesis

Watch this video to learn more about the genesis of ASEA and the story of how the founders started the company. ASEA is a global leader in bringing cellular health technology to the world.

Dr. Gary Samuelson Explains Redox Signaling

Watch this short explainer video by atomic medical physicist Dr. Gary Samuelson on the vital importance of our body’s redox biochemistry. Asea Redox replenishes your body with native redox signaling molecules.

What Is Epigenetics? With Nessa Carey

Why your DNA is not your destiny. Molecular biologist Nessa Carey presents an introduction to epigenetics and explains how it shapes life. DNA is a vitally important starting point for life, but it’s how it’s used by cells and organisms that is really important. Epigenetics is a rapidly moving field that has transformed our understanding of how one set of … Read More

About Redox Bio-Technology 10 Years On

REDOX BIO-TECHNOLOGY “Clinical Results”. Live online info session for health professionals! Discover a very exciting, disruptive CELLULAR and GENETIC HEALTH CARE therapy, that is 10-15 years ahead of its time, and being hailed by medical experts as “THE GREATEST MEDICAL, HEALTH & ANTI-AGEING BREAKTHROUGH OF ALL TIME!” with DR. GARY SAMUELSON, P.h.D Atomic Medical Physicist and Dr. Foster Malmed & … Read More

Maria’s Story

Listen to Maria’s story about her journey with Asea and her 3 children who are on various levels of the ASD spectrum.